Why use AWS Copilot?

AWS Copilot is designed for both existing ECS [Elastic Container Service]users, and new ECS users. For those who don’t want to do manual management of lower-level infrastructure, and instead, just start thinking about their application and its lifecycle, it creates application deployment automatically based on production-ready…

Steps to create Invalidation using lambda function are:

  1. Create a Lambda Function and write a code.
  2. Create an API Gateway / API from which we are going to create Invalidation of CDN


Creating a Lambda Function:

  1. Free Programming Books:

The best part of this repository is books are available in different languages also.

Link: Free Programming Books

2. Developer Roadmap:

It has a roadmap for web dev as well as DevOps.

Link: Roadmap

3. OSSU Computer Science:

If you don’t have computer science degree or background…

resource: https://miro.medium.com/max/1280/0*8ZerivEoeXlXVbO4.jpeg

Let’s get started!

Step-1: Login into AWS Management Console using this link:https://aws.amazon.com/console/

In the console, you will get a search bar in that type S3 and you will get this kind of result 👇 and open S3

source: https://cdn.dribbble.com/users/2915843/screenshots/6916393/ai_.gif


In this pandemic situation, a lot of communication gaps are created in studies. Due to the Covid-19lockdown, the studies were going in online mode. In online mode, there were many students which are not able to catch the speed of the speakers/teachers, due to this they are not able…

  1. First Install Git Bash in your system. you can install from this link Git Bash

First, move to that directory from which you have to upload files.

example: I have to upload my upload.txt from Example/nipun folder at desktop so I will first go at path and directory.

Nipun Parekh

DevOps enthusiast.

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