10 GitHub Repositories every Developer should know

  1. Free Programming Books:

The best part of this repository is books are available in different languages also.

Link: Free Programming Books

2. Developer Roadmap:

It has a roadmap for web dev as well as DevOps.

Link: Roadmap

3. OSSU Computer Science:

If you don’t have computer science degree or background and want same knowledge as Computer Science degree then this repository is for you.

Link: OSSU Computer Science

4. Awesome:

It’s name itself describe everything. It has an awesome lists of all kinds of interesting topics ranging from computer science to media, from gaming to business and the list goes on.

Link: Awesome

5. Build your own X:

If you are a person belives in “Learning by Doing” then this repository will be your daily stop😅. It has resource to build your own cryptocurrency, Database, bot and etc.

Link: Build your own X

6. Coding Interview University:

It has months of study plan to become a software engineer for a MNC like [Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and etc.]

Link: Coding Interview University

7. Public Apis:

Pubilc Apis has a wide range of all free API available on the internet to use in your personal or professional projects.

Link: Public Apis

8. Tech Interview HandBook:

This repository has all the resource that you need to crack a Tech Interview. It has also helpful tips on resume, Good question ask to interviewer, and many more.

Link: Tech Interview HandBook

9. Design Resources for Developers:

This repository has a curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and much more, available for free to use in your projects and applications. It offers all the template stuff you need to get started with your web development projects.

Link: Design Resources for Developers

10. Awesome Repos:

This repository has awesome stop for learning. All you have to do is just visit this repository that’s it.

Link: Awesome Repos

I hope you find these repositories useful. Use this repository to become better Engineers. Thanks for reading 😊!

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