How to upload files in Github/ Gitlab with CLI

  1. First Install Git Bash in your system. you can install from this link Git Bash

First, move to that directory from which you have to upload files.

example: I have to upload my upload.txt from Example/nipun folder at desktop so I will first go at path and directory.

Now I will execute commands.

In this short message is Add files via upload

If you are facing error in upload files then execute this command

👆 If you will do this then all the files will be deleted and then only single will upload

All the commands are the same for upload files in GitLab just change your URL example : 👇👇

at this:

Let’s check :

All the commands that I have executed to upload a file on my GitHub repo
Successfully uploaded on my Github Repo.

🎊🎉We have successfully uploaded the file in GitHub 🎊🎉

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